Airstream Safari de 1959
   Frame-off restoration
Pics ot the work Jean Pierre made with the interior, he is a Master Carpenter and he sure did a great job...

The gutters were staightened out and polished as for a lot of smaller parts for windows etc...
The whole body was taken of the subfloor/frame by taking all the rivets all around the trailer at the bottom that hold it to the C Channel. And just put on the floor while waiting the work on the frame. Thanks to Lolo, Nico, Remi and Oliver!!!
Cleaning the frame, fixing it and painting it with Por15, put new cross members to hold the new step.
All new are the axle, brakes, wheel bearings, rims, tires, hubcaps, subfloor and insolation.
Putting the body back on the subfloor with aligning the C channel, not the easiest task, also putting back a new belly pan, same, on the 50's and 60's the " banana corner" are wrapped around the C channel, not something you can changed if needed just like that, The 69 and up are much more easier to change.
Door like many on older Airstraem was pretty badly damaged. I changed a few og the aluminum panels on the outside and, voila! With a new lock, the door polished it looks like new.
The two extremities where taken out, taken a part and polished. We left the interior as requested by the buyer so he could do that incredible interior.
We did a  a frame off restoration on this 1959 Airstream Safari.
Body was taken off teh frame so we could do a really restoration, on the frame, we cleaned it, fixed it, painted it,
we put a new 3/4" subfloor, done the way it should be (bolted back to the frame with C channel bolted back to all that so that the body is totally one with the whole thing once riveted back.
The interior was made by Jean Pierre and Marie Line in France, and they sure did an incredible and beautifull work...
Pics of the whole restoration of the 59 safari

The rear middle aluminum plate was changed with a new one i put all new lights hardware etc...
Pics of the trip from Austin TX to around Lyon France with at destination that met us at the Port  jean Pierre and Marie Line and a couple of pics with Hubert and jaquelines our 2 nd customers and now all are good friends. Thanks guys!
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