1969 Concession Airstream Globetrotter trailer

Length: 16' 6" at the floor and 17.4 at windows heights
Width: 7' 6" on the floor 8' 4" right under the windows
Height: 6' 56"
Length: 21' 39" tip of the tongue with the bumper included, the tongue is 3"
Width: 7"91'
Height: 8' 86"
And weight with it's original equipement: 3330lbs or 1510kg 


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This is a 69 Airstream Globetrotter polished frame super original condition no rust and repainted where it shows.

The floor was repaired where needed - as it should be done.
It is empty, the interior repainted, all interior lights work and are powered by the 12V inside. All exterior lights work as well as the electric brakes.

For now, there is a transformer 110V to 12V (the original) for the interior lights to work, it may be replaced in France or Europe by a converter box 220v to 12v.
There are some 12v power outlets for the various equipments you may need, Stereo, other lights, LED colored light, water pump or other ...
The 69 is a very rare model: this is the first year with rounded corner windows and it still has the rear window with square corners. Very rare because of its size and its overall condition. Highly sought after because shorter, lightweight and easy to handle for easy parking everywhere. And also to be towed with a smaller vehicle, no need for a big V8, diesel or larger vehicle.
Rare mostly, because they really made fewer of the small Airstreams!
The Globetrotters that remains are often in poor condition and needs a lot of restoration work or are allready restore and the price shows off course.

It is already restored with it's concession opening, which gives it a terrible look. The opening is made all out of aluminum, it is light and sturdy and made like an Airstream.
You just have to put a floor covering (that I can do a for little more or negociable, but some people may want something other than black and white checkerboard, so I was waiting to see with buyer) and add the features that will make this beautiful beast a unique piece that will attract the eye, be an head turner and will bring business at the same time :)
What is great with those beauties, is that they don't loose value, they can only go up.